Why it is worth it

  • You will get valuable contacts: 
the majority of WARSAW FOOD EXPO visitors make or have influence on purchasing decisions
  • You will meet with current clients:
 face-to-face conversations and meetings serve to build effective business relationships
  • You will finalize the started trade talks: 
the atmosphere of the fair favors talks and concrete arrangements
  • You will start international sales: 
thanks to participating in the Hosted Buyers program, you can contact food importers and increase your sales
  • You will present your offer
: The fair is a comprehensive overview of the food market for visitors
  • You will become familiar with the trends in the industry
: knowledge of market trends will allow you to stay ahead of the competition and develop your business
Become an exhibitor

The Polish food market

Other countries
United Kingdom

The food sector in Poland is one of the most important in our economy. We are ranked sixth among food producers in the European Union.

The growth rate of the Polish food industry is primarily influenced by domestic demand and exports. Polish food products enjoy unflagging interest from foreign consumers.

For further development, Polish companies should focus on foreign expansion on European, as well as Asian and Arabic markets, and intensify activities for the wider promotion of their products.

Achieve success

  • inform current and potential clients and the media about your participation in the event
  • publish information about participating in the event on the company’s Facebook / Linkedin profile
  • send mailing about the company’s participation in the fair to the appropriate target groups (decision makers, public officials, press, opinion-forming circles, etc.)
  • send letters to key clients, inviting them to visit the stand
  • send out the invitations sent by the organizer
  • invite customers to visit the stand through sales representatives
  • add information about presence at the fair in the footer
  • provide the organizer with information about the company and products or services, along with photos that will be posted on the site dedicated to the event or on the profile of the event / event on facebook / linkedin
  • prepare and inform about the special offer for visitors through your own information channels
  • publish information about participating in the fair on the website (e.g. banner)
  • place an advertisement in an industry magazine (information about participation in the fair and a special offer)
  • prepare attractions at the stand (quizzes, competitions with prizes) that will attract customers
  • prepare the service of the stand, which should be immediately recognizable by the customers, e.g. a characteristic element, a suit in the color associated with the brand (most people first associate the brand with the colors)
  • react immediately to your customers’ interest in the offer (e.g. “Good morning, I see that you are interested in our products. I will be happy to present them closer” instead of “someone will approach you in a moment”)
  • prepare forms that will allow you to quickly fill in customer data in a quick and clear way
  • propose joint photos with clients, which can later be used on the company website (do not forget to ask for permission to publish the photo)
  • stand out from the others and attract the attention of visitors (well-displayed company logo, use of corporate colors and fonts)
  • choose the best staff, selected in terms of professional skills, interpersonal features, easily establishing contact (the fair should be decision-makers, traders, and those that will be able to answer technical and media questions)
  • prepare information materials available at the stand (catalogues, brochures) in line with the company’s visual identity
  • never leave an empty stand!
  • prepare gadgets that help visitors remember the company
  • post photos from the fair on your Facebook profile / linkedin
  • send an email thanking people who visited your booth with the company’s offer
  • post a short report from the fair along with photos on the company’s website
  • Post photos and a thank you for visiting on the Facebook profile
  • Contact the people who visited your booth by phone to find out if they are interested in the company’s offer