hall C, conference room no. 1

May 21, 2024

11:30 - 13:00

Expert debate

"Quality Secrets - Challenges for Manufacturers"".

Debate participants:
  • P. Małgorzata Stachowiak - Director of Microbiological Research; J.S. Hamilton Poland
  • P. Izabela Topolska - Managing Director Quality; GK LipCo Foods
  • P. Anita Bańska - Junior Manager for Quality Development and Own Brand Control
  • P. Tomasz Parzybut - President of the Management Board of the Association of Butchers and Meats of the Republic of Poland
  • P. Paweł Szczurek – Quality & Sustainability Director; FoodWell

Expert debate entitled “Quality secrets – challenges for producers”. It aims to explore the key issues related to quality and food safety facing the modern food sector.

Organized by Gemini Group, publisher of the monthly Rzeźnik polski, a company with an established position in organizing specialized events dedicated to the food industry, the debate will benefit from the extensive experience and technical knowledge provided by J.S. Hamilton. This accredited research laboratory, recognized as the leader of the research market in Poland, will contribute its expertise to the discussion, emphasizing the importance of a scientific approach to food quality and safety issues.

The event will gather a wide range of participants, including representatives of processing companies, industry organizations, and trade representatives. Together they will debate current challenges and threats that have a direct impact on food production standards, distribution and consumption. The exchange of experiences and views between various segments of the food market is aimed at developing effective strategies for dealing with these challenges.

Warsaw Food Expo is a wide-ranging event presenting a comprehensive review of food products, addressed to retail chains, distributors and wholesalers, as well as the HoReCa sector. It is a platform not only for exchanging knowledge and experiences, but also for establishing new business contacts and discovering the latest trends in the food industry. Participating in the fair is not only an opportunity to participate in an expert debate, but also an opportunity to learn about new market products and establish valuable business contacts that may contribute to the development and innovation in the food sector.

Małgorzata Stachowiak
Izabela Topolska
Anita Bańska
Tomasz Parzybut
Paweł Szczurek

hall C, conference room no. 1

May 22, 2024

"Packaging for the food industry"


Opening of the conference


Maciej Nałęcz - Santander Bank 

Economy and packaging market in Poland


Krzysztof Niczyporuk - Polska Izba Opakowań

Trends in the packaging industry


Małgorzata Janikowska-Wińska - DNV Business Assurance Poland

Certification of packaging for the food industry


Konrad Pilarski - ULMA Packaging Polska

Presentation of the ULMA Packaging company



Trade congress

We invite you to a specialized Conference that will take place as part of the international Warsaw Food Expo trade fair. The meeting will focus on the latest trends, innovations, and challenges in the food industry. The conference program will include expert lectures, panel discussions, workshops, and presentations by companies associated with the sector.

Our discussion forum will be an integral part of the trade fair, allowing participants to take advantage of the full range of opportunities that an international exhibition offers. Participating in the forum is an excellent opportunity to engage in discussions with industry leaders, establish valuable business contacts, and learn about the latest trends in the field.

The event aims to provide a platform for industry professionals, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts to meet and talk with each other to exchange knowledge, experiences and make new business contacts.

Outline of the Conference program during Warsaw Food Expo:

  • Latest trends and innovations in the food industry
  • Digitalization and automation in the sector
  • New technologies in production and logistics processes
  • Challenges related to sustainable development in the food industry
  • Best practice examples - company presentations
  • The future of the food industry: forecasts and challenges
  • Product management: best practices and trends
  • Investments and financing in the industry sector

These topics will help participants understand the current changes in the food industry, establish valuable business contacts, and exchange knowledge with other specialists in the field.