Embassy of Indonesia


Opis Wystawcy

We have 4 companies from Indonesia with us in Expo, namely Lemonilo (healthy instant noodles and snacks), Mayora (Coffee Candy, Drink and Cookie), Caffino (Roasted and Ready to drink Coffee) and Abrofood (Instant Paste for Rendang). Besides, we also have samples from 13 companies in our booth which are Dolphin, Orang Tua, Sekar Laut Finna, Sari Inco Food, Dua Belibis Koepoe Koepoe, Sasa, Mamasuka, Kokita, Pazar, Kalbe (Bintang Toedjoe), 2 Kelinci, Inaco and Kokola with variety products from confectionary, snack, beverages, coconut based products, crackers, instant seasonings, flour, spices, biscuits, wafers, instant coffee, peanuts, chocolate bar, herbal products to sauces and sambals.