About the fair

  • the most important and largest trade fair in Poland dedicated to the agri-food sector
    During the fair, in one place and at a time, leading producers and distributors of food will meet with decision-makers in the field of shopping and supply from grocery stores, wholesalers and online stores, retail chains, the HoReCa sector and food distributors and importers. The event is of B2B nature and it is intended to establish and develop effective business contacts
  • an ideal place for exhibitors to acquire new contractors and partners, promote new products, develop relationships with existing customers and include new, valuable business contacts
    The unique location of the Bird Warsw Expo, in which the trade fair takes place – in the very center of the administrative and management of the country – makes the event the most important representatives of the industry, decision makers and buyers from shopping chains and HoReCa
  • an opportunity to develop foreign cooperation – as part of the Hosted Buyers program, food importers and decision makers from foreign trade networks participate in the fair
    During the previous edition of the event, we arranged over 600 fruitful business meetings between Polish and foreign food producers and importers from 15 countries




industry visitors




meetings in the b2b zone

Visitors profile

  • producers and processors of the agri-food sector
  • decision-makers from the purchasing departments of:
    • stationary and online grocery stores
    • retail chains, wholesalers, discounters and specialist stores
    • shopping platforms
    • the HoReCa sector
    • gas stations
    • vending companies
  • buyers from Eastern Europe and the Middle East
  • service providers
  • representatives of the mass catering industry
  • Individuals looking for a new business profile

Exhibitors profile

  • producers and processors of the agri-food sector
  • wholesalers and distributors of food
  • importers and exporters of food
  • producers and distributors of equipment and machines used in production
  • service providers for the food industry
Become an exhibitor

Branch range

Meat and meat products

  • fresh meat
  • meat products and preparations
  • venison

Fish, seafood and their preserves

  • fresh fish
  • smoked fish
  • fish products
  • seafood

Fruit, vegetables and their preserves

  • fresh vegetables and fruits
  • fruit and vegetable preserves
  • frozen
  • juices and juices thickened
  • mushrooms
  • delicacies

Drinks and alcohol

  • coffee
  • tea
  • fruit and herbal teas
  • water
  • energy drinks
  • carbonated drinks
  • beer
  • wine
  • spirit drinks
  • cider

Fats and oils

  • olive oil
  • oils
  • frying
  • margarine

Milk and milk products, eggs

  • drinking milk
  • milk drinks
  • milk powder
  • cheese and curd
  • sour cream
  • butter and fat products
  • yoghurts and milk desserts
  • ice cream
  • eggs

Grain mill products

  • rice
  • flour
  • cereal
  • cereal and muesli
  • pasta

Bakery and confectionery

  • bread
  • pastry products
  • biscuits
  • chocolate
  • chocolate products
  • cocoa
  • chocolate-like products
  • candy

Ready meals and functional foods

  • ready-made frozen food
  • ready-made food in cans
  • food ready in jars
  • processed food
  • protein and energy bars
  • products for diabetics
  • gluten-free products

Other food products

  • sugar
  • honey
  • herbs and spices
  • food additives
  • other food items


  • machines and devices used in the food industry
  • refrigeration equipment
  • machines for confectioning food products
  • package
  • means of transport
  • delivery logistics

Supporting institutions

  • banks
  • Insurance
  • certification bodies